LCSL Roll of Honour

Year President Secretary
1974/75 Lakhubhai Ganatra Narendrabha Chotai
1975/76 Lakhubhai Ganatra Narendrabha Chotai
1976/77 Tribhovanbhai Ruparelia Bhaskerbhai Raja
1977/78 Bhaskerbhai Raja Bhikubhai Popat
1978/79 Chandubhai Kanani Narendrabha Chotai
1979/80 Chandubhai Kanani Narendrabha Chotai
1980/81 Lakhubhai Ganatra Narendrabha Chotai
1981/82 Gangadas Rughani Anilbhai Rach
1982/83 Gangadas Rughani Jayantbhai Pau
1983/84 Chandubhai M Kanani Jayantbhai Pau
1984/85 Chandubhai M Kanani Manubhai Thakerar
1985/86  Jayantbhai Pau Manubhai Thakerar
1986/87 Jayantbhai Pau Manubhai Thakerar
1987/88 Lakhubhai Ganatra Sureshbhai Lakhani
1988/89 Manubhai Thakerar Sureshbhai Lakhani
1989/90 Manubhai Thakerar Sureshbhai Lakhani
1990/91 Sureshbhai Lakhani Jayantbhai Pau
1991/92 Sureshbhai Lakhani Narendrabha Chotai
1992/93 Ashokbhai Vakani Ajaybhai Jobanputra
1993/94 Ashokbhai Vakani Ajaybhai Jobanputra
1994/95 Narendrabhai Chotai Prafulbhai Unadkat
1995/96 Narendrabhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
1996/97 Lakhubhai & Ajaybhai Ganatra Sureshbhai Lakhani
1997/98 Ajaybhai Ganatra Pravinbhai Thaker
1998/99 Ajaybhai Jobanputra Ishwarbhai Ruparel
1999/2000 Ajaybhai Jobanputra Pravinbhai Thaker
2000/01 Pravin Thaker Ishwarbhai Ruparel
2001/02 Pravin Thaker Manoj Thaker
2002/03 Deepak Pattani Manoj Thaker
2003/04 Deepak Pattani Manoj Thaker
2004/05 Chunibhai Jobanputra Pravinbhai Thaker
2005/06 Chunibhai Jobanputra Pravinbhai Thaker
2006/07 Hitesh Thakker Hiten Ruparelia
2007/08 Hitesh Thakker Hiten Ruparelia
2008/09 Narendrabhai Ganatra Ishwarbhai Ruparel
2009/10 Narendrabhai Ganatra Ishwarbhai Ruparel
2010/11 Piyooshbhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
2011/12 Piyooshbhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
2012/13 Piyooshbhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
2013/14 Piyooshbhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
2014/15 Piyooshbhai Chotai Ajaybhai Ganatra
2015/16 Maheshbhai Saujani Jayeshbhai Lakhani
2016/17 Maheshbhai Saujani Jayeshbhai Lakhani

The Raghuvanshi Association was formed on 15th September 1986 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is registered as a Charitable Organisation with Registration No. 295630.