About Us

Lohana Community South London (LCSL) is a non profit making association and its income however derived shall be applied solely towards the objectives of the Community. The Community is a parent body of the Young Lohana Community of South London hereinafter referred as to the “Youth Body”. LCSL runs as guided by our Constitution.

To provide, for the benefit of the  inhabitants of South London, its neighbourhood and particularly the Lohana Community, the education of Hindu culture, religion and facilities in the interest of recreation and social welfare.  This shall be without distinction of sex, religion, race, political or other opinions.  It shall be an effort in common with that of local authorities, voluntary organisations and the inhabitants of South London. The underlying objective being to improve the conditions and quality of life for the said inhabitants and the associated members.

To promote understanding and goodwill  between all people irrespective of racial, religious or ethnic consideration.

To help establish a Community centre and youth club and to maintain and manage, or to co-operate with any local statutory authority and other organisations in the maintenance and management of such a centre for activities promoted by the Community in furtherance of the objectives herein.

The Community shall be non party in politics.

The Community shall have power to affiliate with the Lohana Community United Kingdom, The Raghuvanshi Association and other associations with similar charitable objectives.

The Community shall co-operate with The Raghuvanshi Association and uphold their aims and objectives.

Membership of the Community shall consist of five classes namely Honorary Member, Associate Member, Life Member, Annual Member and Patron.  No person or body can become a member unless the membership of such a person or body has been approved by the Executive Council in its absolute discretion.

The General management and administration of the affairs of the Community is entrusted to the Honorary Office Bearers and Committee members who together form the Executive Council.

The Executive Council comprises:

  • The President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Secretary
  • Immediate Past President
  • Up to fourteen Committee Members

The Raghuvanshi Association was formed on 15th September 1986 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is registered as a Charitable Organisation with Registration No. 295630.